The Pavillon of General Motors. Standing in line for the entry of the Futurama. At the right characters of "Highway and Horizons".

This idea of a world of tomorrow included the enthusiastic presentation of town-planning utopies ( the staging "Democracity" in the perisphere), the conquest of landscape by the technology of transportation (14-lane highways in the exhibition "Highways and Horizons" in the Futurama of General Motors).

The presentation of new technological achievements for everyday (from the electric dishwasher to colour photograph). The Westinghouse Company presented "Elektro", a "moto-man", 7 feet (2,13 meter) large and 130 kilo heavy, which was able to count by his fingers [not really].

You can find a movie in Technicolor from 1939 here:

The Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair

above others "Elektro" is shown ( a the beginning of the last third, look also for the thumbnails of the movie).


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