Visitors under the base of the tower of Eiffel. In the back the Trocadero (build for the exposition of 1878). Photograph by J. Kerr, Edinburgh

"...And now the foreigners: The blonde German with chapeau mou, the vivacious Italian with his Calabreser put oblique on one ear, Old England, bumptious with checked trousers, Turks and Bulgarian with red flat, the smart Bosnian, the Greek in his knitting costume, the sunburnt Arabian with turban and wide burnus, the negro from Algeria and Dahomei, the slightly coughing Tokinese with outstanding cheek-bones, who does not be compatible with

the rough climate of the french capital, although the thermometer shows 20 grades in the shadow;...

...-who counts all the nations, call the names, who comes together here so hospitable."

Erich K├Ârner, "von der pariser Weltausstellung", Illustrirte Zeitung, 3. Mai 1900


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