Partial view of a postal cart of the exposition. "Le chemin de fer eléctrique et le trottoir roulant".

The moving platforms, "Trottoirs Roulant" were one of the reel news of this world exposition. Divided in three areas, on changes from the standing area to the second moving with 4 km/h and then to the faster moving with 8 km/h. This moving platforms were a circuit of 3,5 km length and connects the two exposition areas.

On the revolving sidewalk, Paris Exposition, France; B. W. Kilburn, 1900

[Thomas A. Edison had realised some documentary filmshots at this Paris exposition. Here you can find 12 filmshots by Thomas A. Edison at the World exposition in 1900 at Paris. Also there are two filmshots about the moving boardwalk:

12 filmshots of Paris 1900

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